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Entry # 7 From paragraph to essay

From paragraph to essay: Developing composition writting

Paragraph development by listing
The list paragraph has several parts. First, paragraphs introducers, which are sentences that establish the topic focus of the paragraph as a whole. Next, there are paragraph developers, which present examples or details with the aid of connectors. Transition or modulator sentences are used between different sets of ideas. Finally a terminator sentence, which brings the paragraph to a logical conclusion. Transition words such as first, second, third, next, finally are used.

Paragraph development by examples
The example paragraph is a kind of list paragraph, in which example sentences present a specific example or illustration related to the topic sentence. At  the end there is a terminator sentence, which gives the effect of rounding off the paragraph by circling back to the idea of the topic sentence. Transition words such as for example, as another example, on the other hand, as still another instance, etc. are used.

Essay development by examples
An essay developed by examples contains a topic paragraph, which states the topic of the essay. Example paragraphs and a restatement paragraph (conclusion paragraph). Transition words or phrases help to connect and show the relationship of the various parts, or paragraphs of the essay.

Paragraph development by comparison
The comparison paragraph compares similar aspects or qualities of two subjects, the similarities are emphasised. It should include a topic sentence, which state specifically the basis of comparison. Example sentences, which illustrate one subject and then the other. Transition sentences used to change from one point of view to another, from one set of ideas to another or from one subject to another and a restatement sentence to close the paragraph. Transitional words such as similarly, also, too, both are used.

Paragraph development by contrast
The contrast paragraph compares dissimilar aspects of two subjects. There are two ways of writting a contrast paragraph:

  1. alternate examples of subject A with examples of subject B , the contrasts may be in the same sentence,  or they may be in consecutive sentences.
  2. present all subject A examples together, then all subject B examples together.
Transitional words or phrases employed in this kind of paragraphs are: unlike, on the other hand, in contrast, etc.

Essay development by comparison and contrast
An essay developed by comparison or contrast contains a topic paragraph, comparison or contrast paragraphs and a restatement paragraph.

Paragraph development by definition
The definition paragraph describes, explains or defines an unfamiliar term by relating that which is unknown, to that which is already known. It makes use of the techniques of comparison, contrast and synthesis, often in combination. The terminator sentence in this kind of paragraph summarises the distinctive features of the term being defined.

Paragraph development by classification
The purpose of a classification paragraph is to group a large number of items or ideas into a small number of classes or categories. It is important to set up adequate categories and equally important to define what goes into these categories.

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