miércoles, 1 de noviembre de 2017

Entry # 12: Videos analysis

1- The Inspector needs "a flawless American accent": 
In this video we can see a French inspector trying to learn the Standard American English which is the idealized variety of the language in order to sound like the American inspectors with whom he shares the same occupation. The inspector is trying to imitate the same idiolect but it is impossible because of his French accent.

2- Student 'dialects'?
In this video we can see different dialects. The term dialect describes features of grammar and vocabulary as well as aspects of pronunciation. All the participants in the conversation belong to the same group but they do not share the same dialect. They use different dialects, there are differences in pronunciation, vocabulary and also grammatical forms.

 3- Speak English, please!
In this video we can clearly see the difference between the Standard English used by the reporter and the vernacular English of the Iraqi. A vernacular version of a language is treated as non-standard because of the marked differences in pronunciation from the Standard language.

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